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Guide to booking appointments via Create -> Appointment

Going to Create -> Appointment provides you with a quick way to find the next available appointment in your diary, and to see availability across multiple diaries in multiple locations. By choosing the appointment type you are looking to book, you can then either choose to search for availability with all users and locations, or define a particular person or place.

It can help you:
Save time when searching for appointments
See availability quickly and easily across the entire team
See availability quickly and easily across all locations

Before using Create -> Appointment

If you have a single-site practice, the only thing you have to do is associate your users with the appointment types that they offer. To do this go to Settings -> Scheduling, click Edit by the appropriate appointment and specify which users provide the treatment:

If you have a multi-location practice you also need to make sure that you have:
Specified which locations the appointment type is available at, again by going to Settings -> Scheduling -> Edit:

Timetabled where and when you and your team will be working

Getting Started

Click on Create -> Appointment, then specify the parameters of your search:

The Find next available appointment button on screen will be greyed out as above until you select an appointment type. You need to do this first before you are able to search for a slot.

You'll also be able to select a particular user or location to use in the search, or leave these options as Anywhere or Anyone to see a full list of availability.

Once you've selected what you'd like to search for, click on Find next available appointment at the bottom of the screen.

You'll then see a list of availability which matches the search parameters entered. Clicking on Select alongside one of those slots will take you to the diary screen where you can confirm and Save the appointment.


Appointment types not appearing in "What type of appointment do you want to book?" dropdown
If you don't see the appointment type(s) you are expecting to, please check that at least one user(s) has been associated with that type by going to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Types. Only appointment types that have been associated with users will appear in the dropdown when searching for an appointment.

Locations and/or Users are missing from the Anywhere and Anyone dropdowns
The Anywhere and Anyone dropdown boxes will update depending on the appointment type you have chosen, and will only display the locations and users that have been associated with the appointment type in the What type of appointment do you want to book? dropdown. If you don't see the locations and/or users that you expect to see here, please go to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Types and check the locations and users specified for the appointment type.

"No availability found"
If you search for an appointment and see a message that no availability has been found, please check that you have timetabled your users to specify where they are and when.

"Search available appointment will not work until you have associated appointment types with resources"
If you see this message when you go to Create -> Appointment, then none of your appointment types have associated users. Head to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment types and tick the users who offer the treatment for each of the appointment types.

Updated on: 28/07/2023

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