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How do I see a colleague's diary alongside my own?

To view your colleagues' diaries alongside your own, go to the left of your diary screen and hover over the two arrows.

The below panel will appear:

Tick the names of the colleagues whose diaries you wish to see alongside your own. If there is a tick after the user's name, then their diary will appear on your screen. To untick a user, simply click on their name again.

You only need to do this once. The users you have selected here will remain ticked until you change it.

In Day view, your Multi-resource diary will look like this:

In Week view, it will look like this:

Please note that this needs to be done separately for each diary view. For example, the user's diaries you have selected to show in Day view, will NOT then be selected when you change to Week view. This is so that you can have different user's diaries selected for each view.

There may be a brief delay when loading busy diaries for large numbers of clinicians.

Streamline this process by putting resources who are regularly viewed together into a group. If you have multiple users set up, then in the sidebar of the diary will be a 'Resource Groups' heading. Learn how to create, edit and delete resource groups here.

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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