What is it?

A quick way to find availability across multiple diaries in multiple locations

Why use it?

Save time when searching for appointments
See availability quickly and easily across the entire team.
See availability quickly and easily across all locations

Set Up

If you have a single-site practice the only thing you have to do is associate your clinicians with the treatment/appointment types that they offer. To do this go to Settings -> Scheduling, click Edit by the appropriate appointment and specify which clinicians provide the treatment. 

If you have a multi-site practice you also need to make sure that you have timetabled when and where you and your team will be working. This article explains more about Timetabling.

Getting Started

Click on Create -> Appointment:

Then just specify what type of appointment or treatment you want to book and click on Find Next Available Appointment at the bottom of the screen:

You'll then see a list of availability:

To choose a slot just click on Select. You'll then be taken to the diary where you can save the appointment and finalise the booking.


Ensure that the appropriate clinicians are associated with the Appointment Type that you are searching for. Do this by going to Settings -> Scheduling and clicking on Edit

If you have a multi-site practice please make sure that you have set up your timetable. This article explains how you do this - Guide to Timetabling
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