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How are VAT rates handled in WriteUpp?

Rather than having one VAT rate across the board that can be manually amended, you have the option to define multiple rates which will then be selectable from a dropdown when creating either an expense or an invoice. 

You can also set a default VAT rate for both appointments and expenses that will be automatically populated against both.  

WriteUpp is preloaded with with three VAT Rates:


You can add as many other additional rates as you like. 

It might be important to note that when you are creating an invoice, any changes needed to the VAT rates can only be done by using a rate you have already predefined.  You won't be able to over-type the VAT rate or amount manually.  

VAT rates are set in Settings -> Invoice:

Clicking on Edit will display a list of all defined VAT rates:

From this modal, you will be able to set which VAT rate is the default for both appointments and expenses, edit existing rates and add new ones.  You can also choose whether your VAT rates are Active or Inactive.

Updated on: 01/08/2022

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