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How can I switch between patients?

With 'Switch', you can change the Active Patient as and when you need to in WriteUpp.

For example, say you’re completing an assessment for Tom Palmer but then you get a phone call from Olivia Bell wanting to book an appointment.

With 'Switch' you can save your assessment for Tom Palmer, click on the diary, choose a slot and then hit the 'Switch' icon, highlighted below:

Without breaking your workflow, you can then quickly switch the Active Patient by:

Searching for Olivia’s record OR
Selecting Olivia from your Recent Patients, if she’s in there OR
Creating a completely new record for Olivia

Once you’re done, you can then go back to Tom’s patient summary, select the assessment that you saved before Olivia rang and continue working on it.

Switch isn’t limited to appointments. You can also switch when creating:


In each of these cases, the 'Switch' icon appears in the grey toolbar, as highlighted below:

Please note that once a piece of work has been saved you will no longer be able to use the 'Switch' function.

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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