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How do I add a diagram to annotate to an assessment?

When building a form using the Form Builder, you can use an 'Annotation' field to add a diagram, which can then be annotated.

To add an annotation to an assessment form, follow the steps below:

Select the layout of your form, then click the Add New Field + button. From here, select the Annotation field type:

Give the field a name and choose the image you'd like to upload from your device:

You can only add images of less than 4MB in size as an annotation

Once the image has loaded and you can see the thumbnail on screen, click Finish Editing:

When you have finished creating or editing the assesment, click Publish & Exit

You can now use this form and annotate the diagram from within WriteUpp, or send it out to a client as a smart form for them to complete.

Updated on: 21/12/2023

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