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How do I add mandatory fields to an assessment?

When collecting information from your clients, mandatory fields ensure that you get all of the information you need.

When creating or editing a form using the Form Builder, the following fields can be made mandatory:

By mandatory, we mean that the form cannot be saved untill the field has been completed. This forces the client to enter information, as they cannnot submit the form otherwise.

Single Choice
Multiple Choice
Options List
Smart fields

When creating or editing a form, you will see a 'Mandatory' checkbox for all of the above field types:

To make this field mandatory, simply tick the 'Mandatory' box and then click Finish Editing:

You can also edit any of your current custom assessment forms to make fields in them mandatory. To define an existing field as mandatory, open the form template and click on the Edit Field icon, then simply tick the 'Mandatory' option:

If you edit any current assessment forms to include mandatory fields, remember to Publish & Exit once you have made the changes, to ensure they are retained! Simply clicking Exit after making changes won't publish them!

When completing an assessment within WriteUpp for one of your clients, you will see mandatory fields indicated by a small * icon to the right of the field name, and see a prompt on screen if these fields are empty when you try to save:

Clients completing online smart forms will also see a prompt on screen if they save a form without completing one or more mandatory fields. All mandatory fields must be completed before the form can be saved:

This will help you to gather the relevant details and ensures that clients cannot submit the form without completing all required fields.

You will also see a similar prompt if you're using the WriteUpp app:

Remember you can edit any of our pre-built assessment forms to customise these to your practice, such as making certain fields mandatory! Just follow the steps here

Updated on: 08/01/2024

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