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How do I add some explanatory text when I send out the consent via email?

You can choose to add some explanatory text to a consent form, which appears at the top of the portal when a patient is providing consent via email. To add this text, follow the steps below:

This explanatory text will appear above the consent form, and can help the patient to understand what they are consenting to, why they are being asked to provide consent and how to complete it.

Go to Settings, click on More and select Privacy from the dropdown:

Either create a new consent form, or click on the 3 dots next to a pre-existing consent form and select Edit from the dropdown:

Next to 'Portal Introduction Text:' enter the text you would like to appear at the top of the patient consent portal:

You can click the Eye icon at the bottom of the screen to see what this would look like in the patient portal:

Click the green Save button when you are happy, and the explanatory text will then appear next time a patient views the consent form in the portal.

Updated on: 29/04/2024

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