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How do I link a third-party to a patient record?

In WriteUpp you can link a third-party (i.e. any organisation or individual with an interest in your client's care) to the client record. Typical third-parties are:

GP's etc

Linking a third-party to a client means that they can be:

Referenced in documentation
Invoiced for treatment

To link a Third-Party to a client record you should first set up the third-party - read more. Having set up the third-party just follow these steps:

Select the client that you wish to link the third-party to

Go to the Patient tab then click on "Edit Details" and scroll down to the Third-Parties section, shown below:

Click on "Select Third Party" and choose the Third-Party that you wish to link to the client.

Click on "Save"

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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