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How do I link a third-party to a patient record?

In WriteUpp, you can link a third-party (i.e. any organisation or individual with an interest in your client's care) to the client record. Typical third-parties are:

GP's etc

Linking a third-party to a client means that they can be:

Referenced in documentation
Invoiced for treatment
Contacted from the Messages tab

To link a Third-Party to a client record you should first set up the third-party - read more. Having set up the third-party, just follow these steps:

Select the client that you wish to link the third-party to

Go to the Patient tab then click on Edit Details and scroll down to the Third-Parties section, shown below:

Click on Select Third Party. Press the blue Select link next to the Third-Party that you wish to link to the client.

If coding fields are set up for that third party type, then you can add information into them here. You can also add a Cover Number, if you have Healthcode connected and coding fields set up.

Don't worry, if you don't enter any details here then you can still enter/update them later. With the Patient Summary in the editable state, you can edit the coding and cover number fields of any third parties already linked to the patient.

Click Save

You will see the Third Party added under the Third Parties section on the Patient Summary. Click Save Changes to retain the change.

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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