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How do I book into non-working hours?

If you have a clinician that is willing to do some extra clinics on a temporary basis, it probably doesn't make sense to change their working hours. However, you can still book in appointments manually, as below:

In the diary below, you can see that working hours run until 17.00. The greyed out slots after 17.00 represent non-working hours:

To book an appointment during non-working hours, just click anywhere you are bookable, say at 16.00, and when the Appointment Panel appears, just adjust the start time to the time that you wish to book, for example 17.30. When you do this, the end time of the appointment will adjust automatically. Then just click Save and the appointment will appear, as below:

If you are using Online Booking, the best thing to do is to adjust the clinician's working hours and then block out any time that the extra clinics are NOT running. Once the day (or days) for the extra clinic has passed or is fully booked up, you can revert working hours back to normal. You must do it this way for Online Booking, because non-working hours will NOT appear in the availability search. Some articles that may help with this:

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Updated on: 11/09/2023

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