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How do I countersign my Notes in WriteUpp?

Counter-signing notes in WriteUpp is automated and fully compliant with HCPC best practice.

Notes are electronically and automatically:

Time and date stamped
Stamped with your Name

When you go to the Patient Summary and click on the Notes tab, you will see a list of all the notes that have been created for that patient, the date they were created and who wrote each one. You will also see the status of the note - draft or read-only (locked).

Draft notes can be edited at any time, but you can view a full version history of the note to see who made changes and when. Clicking on the View History icon at the bottom-right of the screen will open the History modal:

You can make a note read-only by locking it at any time, which will prevent further changes from being made. Do this by clicking on the Key icon:

You can also choose to have WriteUpp "auto-lock" your notes 24 hours after they have been created.  This is done in Settings -> General, by switching the Auto-lock setting on as shown below:

You can read more about locking and version control of notes here

If you click on a note that is read-only, at the top of the page it will state the time/date it was saved, alongside the name of the user who saved it. It will also say 'Locked' at the top. Most importantly, you cannot edit it, as only draft notes can be edited.

Updated on: 14/12/2023

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