Note keywords are used to help your categorise your notes in WriteUpp. For example, many organisations want to distinguish between notes that have been written by clinical staff and the admin team. Typical keywords might be:


You can create as many note keywords as you want but you can only associate one keyword with each note.

To add, deactivate or edit note keywords click on the menu top left and go to Fields within the Settings and Tools section:

Choose Note Keywords:

To add a keyword click on Add. Alternatively to deactivate or change a keyword click on Edit.  To remove a keyword from your list, click on Deactivate:

When adding a Note Keyword, you'll need to select a number within the Order column:

You can also add an order to an existing keyword by choosing Edit:

And selecting a number:

This defines where the keyword will appear in the dropdown list when you create a note, with whichever you choose as 1 - Top being your default keyword and populating in the box for you:

When you enter a number into the order column, you'll see options ranging from 1-9.  If you have more than 9 keywords, don't worry, you'll just need to assign the same number to multiple keywords.  Keywords with the same number will display alphabetically amongst themselves.
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