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How do I customise third-party types?

In WriteUpp Third-Parties are any individual or organisation that is involved in the care or wellbeing of a client or patient. For example:

St James' Primary School
Dr Peter Stephenson

Third-Party Types are, as the name suggests, groups of third-parties with similar characteristics. For example:


If you wish to do so you can create your own Third-Party types.

To add, delete or modify Third-Party types click on the menu top left and go to Fields:

To add a Third-Party type click on Add. Alternatively to deactivate or change a type click on Edit or Deactivate:

When creating a Third-Party type you have the option to specify mandatory fields that require completion when you link a third-party of that type to a client record.

For example, in the screenshot above if an Insurer is selected the user will be required to fill in the following fields:

Policy Number
Authorisation Code
Authorised Sessions

The screenshot below shows how to add two mandatory fields to the "Medico-Legal" type. Just click on Edit and in the field labelled "Coding" enter the names of the fields that you would like to be added. Labels should be separated by commas and no spaces.

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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