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How do I delete a Tag?

You might find that you need to delete old or mis-spelt tags to avoid having a large number of redundant tags within WriteUpp. To delete a tag:

Go to the Main Menu -> Settings & Tools -> Tools and choose Manage Tags:

You'll then see a list of the current saved tags. To delete a tag, click on the trashcan icon in line with the tag you'd like to delete:

You'll then see a pop up box asking you to confirm you'd like to delete the tag, as deleting a tag will remove it from any patients it is currently recorded against:

The tag will then be deleted from the list of saved tags

If you are deleting a tag and you are intending to replace it with a different tag, before deleting the tag you should either add the new tag to each patient or make sure you have a list of the patients you want to add the new tag to

Once the tag is deleted, it will be removed from all patients and you will no longer be able to search for it. Therefore, before deleting the tag, go to Patients from the main menu and choose the By Tag tab, where you can filter your patients by tag:

You can then export this list to Excel, if you ever need to refer back to it.

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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