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How do I disconnect my Stripe account from WriteUpp?

If you'd like to disconnect your Stripe account: 

Open the Main Menu and choose Integrations & Add Ons
Click on Configure underneath Stripe.
Click on the red Disconnect Stripe button at the bottom of the page
Your account will now be disconnected, you can reconnect at any point

If you disconnect your Stripe account:
Your clients will no longer be able to pay any invoices you've already sent them containing a payment link or button. If they click on the pay link or button, they'll be advised that online payments are unavailable:

If you have prepayment switched on within Online Booking, this setting will be removed and clients will no longer be prompted to pay as part of the booking process.

If you disconnect Stripe by following the steps above and then connect again, either using the same Stripe account or a different one, you will need to switch prepayment back on within the online booking admin area.

If you are having issues with Stripe, please use the Reconnect with Stripe button on screen to follow the connection process again. This will prevent a complete disconnection of the two:

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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