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How do I edit notes that have become read-only?

Once a note has been manually or automatically locked, it becomes read-only and cannot be edited in this state.

However, site administrators are able to unlock notes, so they can be edited again.

This can be done using the key icon at the bottom of a locked note. Pressing this will unlock the note and return it to an editable state.

If you are another user type other than a site administrator, you cannot unlock a note once it has been locked.

Speak to the site administrator about unlocking the note for you or you can use the below workaround:

Open the note that you'd like to edit, and copy the content of the note

Click Create -> Note to start a new note

Paste the content from the read-only note

Make the relevant changes and additions

You could create a new note keyword called "edited" which you can associate with the edited note so that you're aware of which is the old/new version of the note. Alternatively, you could add this to the label field.

Click Save and Exit

If a site administrator unlocks a note belonging to another user type, they do not need to press Save after making the change. If a site administrator presses Save after unlocking a note, it will transfer the edit rights to them, and the other user will no longer be able to edit the note. Therefore if you need to unlock something for one of your users, simply click on the key icon, head out of the note (for example, click to the diary) and let them know it's now unlocked!

Updated on: 20/01/2023

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