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How do I get consent in person?

Before you can use the consent feature you need to make sure that you have created a consent form. The following article explains how you do this:

How do I create a consent form?

Once you have created a consent form its very straightforward to get consent in person.

Choose an active patient

Click on Create -> Consent

Select the consent form that you want to use

Click on "Consent in Person"

The consent form will be presented on screen

Ask your client to review the consent form. To speed this process up you might want to provide them with a printed copy as part of the check-in process or while they are waiting for their appointment

Ask the client to specify their relationship. In most cases they are likely to be the client but where children are involved this will need to be a legal guardian

Ask the client to enter their name

Ask the client to click on "CONSENT"

Once your client has clicked on "CONSENT" a log entry will be made in the privacy tab of their patient summary, as below. It shows the name of the form that has been consented, the way they have consented, who has consented and the relationship of the consenter to the client.

If you click on the row you will be taken through to the EXACT details of the consent form that was consented to, including the version number.

You will also see a visual cue in the active patient button, see below:

and you will see a visual indication on the patient tab of the patient summary where a green icon indicates that consent has been granted.

Updated on: 29/07/2022

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