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How do I import information from Smart Fields to the Client Summary?

Once a form has been saved within WriteUpp, you can import information contained within any Smart Fields straight into the Client Summary. To do this...

If a form contains Smart Fields, you will see a Smart Import icon to the bottom right of your screen:

You can also import information directly from the 'Smart Form completed' notification:

Clicking on either the Import icon or button will open the 'Smart fields' modal:

Here you can see:

Current information - The information currently listed on the Client Summary

Updated information - The information in the form which will be populated into the Client Summary after the import

All the fields will be selected for import by default, so you can simply open the modal, click on Import and all of the information will be imported to the Client Summary. Alternatively, you can use the tick boxes down the right hand side to select which fields to import:

If any Smart Fields within the form have been left empty, they won't be included in the import and you will see these lines greyed out:

Once the Import button has been clicked, the information from the fields within the form will be populated into the relevant field of the Client Summary, and you will see a green 'Fields imported' message:

If anything goes wrong with the import, you will see a red 'Something went wrong' banner and the information won't be populated.

When importing a client's mobile phone number and email address from a Smart Field, these will both be opted into automated appointment communications on the Client Summary, regardless of the current setting

If information has been imported from a form to the Client Summary, you will see an entry in the 'Privacy' tab relating to this. It details the date of the import, the form it came from and who imported it:

The import functionality is only available within the desktop version of WriteUpp, accessed via your browser, and not the mobile app. You can complete an assessment containing Smart Fields within the app but to import the information, you will need to be logged in via your browser.

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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