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How do I know if a smart form has been sent to a client?

Sent smart forms will show in 2 different places on the client summary, allowing you to see what has been sent and when. You'll see:
The message sent alongside a smart form on the Message tab
An entry for the form itself once it's been sent on the Forms/Assessments tab

Messages tab

You'll be able to see sent smart forms on the Messages tab of the client summary. If you've sent a form via a link in an email, a smart form entry will appear below the email:

If you click into the smart form entry, the message summary displays the form name:

If you've sent a form via the smart forms pathway from the list of favourite forms under Create -> Form/Assessment, again you'll see the smart form entry on the Messages tab. The message summary will display the cover message sent with the form:

Forms/Assessments tab

Smart forms will be saved to the Grid view of the Forms/Assessments tab of the client summary once they've been sent, allowing you to see what has been sent, what has been returned and what is still outstanding. The Status column will indicate where in the process a form is:

Sent = The form has been sent to the client, but they haven't started completing it yet.
Autosaved = The autosave functionality, which kicks in when a client is entering information, has picked up content and is saving it as they go. Please note, if access codes are set to "none", autosave will not be present while the form is being completed due to security reasons. You can read more about how access codes affect the smart forms pathways here.
Draft = The form has been saved by the client and can be opened to view the content

Sent and Autosaved forms won't appear on the List view of the Forms/Assessments tab.

If a client advises that they have completed a smart form, but it still has the status of "autosaved" on the Forms/Assessments tab, they haven't saved it. Please ask the client to find the email containing the link and use the same access code to reopen the form. They can then scroll to the bottom of the form and click on Save and then Continue when prompted to complete the process.

Updated on: 05/12/2022

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