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How do I manage locking for assessments & forms?

When creating assessments in WriteUpp, you have the ability to choose between:

Automatically locking your assessments after 24 hours
No automatic locking and maintaining editability (with the protection of version history)

In both cases, version history has been implemented so you have a full audit trail or changes made to the assessment and you also have the ability to manually lock it (thereby rendering it non-editable) if you wish to do so. 

If you don't want WriteUpp to automatically lock your assessments after 24 hours, you can turn this functionality off by going to Settings -> General (Site Admin only) and moving the “auto lock” switch to the left:

Making this change will mean that assessments will continue to be editable long after they've been created as they will not be locked after 24 hours. However with the presence of version history, you will have be able to see every change that has been made to the assessment, including when it was made and by whom.

To see the version history for an assessment go to the Patient Summary, select the Forms/Assessments tab and open an existing assessment. At the bottom of the screen click on View History:

You'll then see a modal detailing the history of the assessment:

From here, clicking on the eye icon within a line will open up that particular version of the assessment as it was when it was saved:

Clicking on the double arrow icon allows you to revert the assessment back to that particular version, replacing the current content:

Historic versions of documents cannot be edited.

If you would like to manually lock an assessment so that it is no longer editable (regardless of the "auto lock" setting), you can click on the lock icon at the bottom of the assessment screen:

This will only appear once you have made the first save of an assessment and will not save any changes made since the previous save. When you click on, it you will be warned that locking the assessment will lose unsaved changes and prevent further amendments:

When you click on OK, you will be taken back to the locked assessment.

Hovering your mouse over the key icon at the bottom of the screen will show who locked the assessment.

Site administrators have the ability to unlock a manual or automatically locked assessment created by either themselves or another user. If a piece of information has been prematurely locked to changes, just click on the key icon at the bottom of the screen to open it again:

You'll then see confirmation that it's been unlocked, with no need to save the changes to take this into account.

Please note that if an administrator unlocks an assessment and then edits and saves it, this will transfer the edit rights to them, and the original creator will not be able to edit (unless they are also a site administrator). Therefore if you need to unlock something for one of your users, just click on the key icon and let them know!

Updated on: 30/08/2022

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