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How do I revert back to an earlier version of an assessment form?

You are able to revert to an earlier version of an assessment form, should you need to, via the View History icon displayed at the bottom of the screen.

To revert to a previous version of an assessment form:

Click on the View History icon:

The 'History' table will open displaying all the saved versions of the form:

To simply view an earlier version of the form, click on the Eye icon to open up that particular version as it was when it was saved.

To actually revert to an earlier version, click on the Double arrow icon:

Then confirm that you would like to revert to that version:

You will be taken to the version of the form you selected, where you can continue to make changes as usual. Remember to save any changes you make!

Older versions are not lost when you revert a form - all versions will continue to appear in the Version History, including those that came after the version you reverted back to.

Once a form has been locked, it cannot be reverted to a previous version. If this is the case, the Revert icon will not be displayed when viewing the history. Users with the role of Site Administrator can unlock an assessment form using the Lock icon, if required. Once unlocked, further changes can be made, such as reverting to an earlier version of the form.

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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