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How do I schedule rooms?

At present, the WriteUpp diary is clinician-centric, so it is not 100% straightforward to set up a diary for rooms. However, there is a partial workaround, which involves setting up the rooms as users:

Invite a new user, but instead of specifying a clinician's name, enter the name of the room:

For the email address, we tend to recommend using an alias of your own email address. This way, you will receive the login information for the account directly into your regular email account.

For more information about inviting users, click here.

Having done this, the room will get its own diary, which you can select from the diary side panel, see below:

You can then book into the room, making sure to specify the correct clinician when you book the appointment

The downside of taking this approach, is that real clinical users would need to select the room each time they wanted to see their diary, as the room diary is effectively shared between all users. But this may not be a big issue.

We realise this is a "hack" and we have no desire to benefit from this lack of flexibility in the diary - if you want to use this approach, just let us know and we will NOT charge you for the users you have set up as rooms. Real users must be licenced as normal.

If you use a set schedule for who is where, then you could use locations to schedule rooms. If you only ever timetable one person in a room at once, then this method could work for you. Read Guide to Locations to learn more about how to do this. The downside to this method, is that if multiple clinicians are sharing the same room, then this will NOT prevent a double booking in that room.

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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