If you'd like to search for a client by a phone number, you can enter the number into the search bar at the top of WriteUpp. If the phone number matches that of one of your clients, their client summary will appear. For multiple matches, you'll see a list of records.

When entering a mobile number into the search bar, remove the 0 at the beginning of the phone number and don't include any area code. For example, for the mobile number 07800123456, searching for "7800123456" should show you any matches. Don't enter a space when searching for a mobile.

When searching by a landline number, you will need to match the format that you've entered into the client summary. For example, if the number has been entered as 0141 111 1111, that's what you need to search for. Entering 01411111111 won't bring up a match.
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