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How do I turn on/off SMS/Email verification in Online Booking?

To help prevent DNA's (Did Not Attend) and to match new bookings with existing client records, our online booking engine includes a verification mechanism. Using this mechanism (which is turned on by default), users are sent a text message with a verification code that they have to enter to confirm their identity and complete the booking process.

We believe this provides you with excellent protection against DNA's and minimises the possibility of duplicate records being created when/if clients book with slightly different details. For example a typo in their email address or a different mobile number.

You may however wish to turn off verification. If you do, please follow these steps:

Login to the Online Booking Admin Area

Go to Settings and "Main Info"

Scroll down the page and find the section called "Client Validation", see below:

Click on the drop-down and select No Validation.

Finish by clicking on "Save & Publish"

If you turn off verification please be aware of the following:

You may experience an increase in DNA's

You may experience an increase in duplicate records. This can be resolved by merging records. You can read more about merging duplicate records here

 If you have previously turned additional verification off and you'd like to turn it back on, simply login to the admin area and change the Client Validation dropdown to show SMS or Email validation.

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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