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How do you register a Patient?

Using Create -> Patient to Create a New Record for a Patient of Client

Click on Create -> Patient

Enter the Patient details (Note: First Name and Surname are mandatory fields):

Once you are done, click Save Changes

Your new patient will become the Active Patient. You can then book Appointments, write Notes, complete Assessments, attach Files and create Letters/Invoices for the Patient.

Using the 'Switch' Icon to Create a Patient

When you use the Switch icon, the following modal will appear. Select the plus icon to create a new patient:

If you create a new patient from here, only their basic information is captured. The rest can be added to the patient tab of the patient summary when you are ready. 

If you write notes against a patient and click save you will no longer be able to access the 'Switch' function. If you write some notes, but haven't saved them, then you can switch patients using the Patient Switch icon and those notes will be transferred to the new patient.

Updated on: 19/05/2023

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