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How to Connect to Mailchimp

If you have a Mailchimp account, you can connect it to WriteUpp to export your WriteUpp clients straight into Mailchimp. Furthermore, once connected, new clients and updates to client information will sync automatically to Mailchimp.

That's not all! With your account connected, you can also add tags to your contacts in Mailchimp from various views across WriteUpp.

Only Site Administrators have access to the Mailchimp integration on the Integrations & Add Ons screen. Therefore, a Site Administrator must first connect to Mailchimp, before other user types on the site can start exporting tags and syncing new clients.

To connect your Mailchimp account:

Head to the main menu -> Integrations & Add Ons and click on the green Configure button in the Mailchimp section.

This will open the Mailchimp integration page. If you already have a Mailchimp account, click the blue Connect to Mailchimp button:

If you do not have an account but would like to use the integration, simply take out a Mailchimp trial and then connect! Click here to create your Mailchimp account.

When you click the Connect to Mailchimp button, you will be directed to the Mailchimp login screen. Enter your login details for your Mailchimp account and click Log in

You will be taken to an authorization screen. Click Allow to grant WriteUpp access to your Mailchimp account.

You will be directed back to WriteUpp and see that you are now connected to Mailchimp!

Read here to discover how to export your WriteUpp client list into Mailchimp, and read here to learn about managing audiences and the new client sync.

Disconnecting Mailchimp:

If you wish to disconnect your Mailchimp account from WriteUpp, simply head to Integrations & Add ons -> Mailchimp, and click the red Disconnect Mailchimp button. Once disconnected, new clients created in WriteUpp and updated client information will no longer sync to Mailchimp.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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