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How to export Tags to Mailchimp

Using tags is a great way to organise and manage your contact lists in Mailchimp.

Once connected to Mailchimp, you can add tags to contacts in Mailchimp from across various views in WriteUpp. For example, if you wanted to add a tag to all contacts in mailchimp who are on your Waiting list in WriteUpp, you can do this!

Once the Site Administrator has connected WriteUpp to a Mailchimp account, all user types (Site Administrator, Privileged, Regular and Restricted users) can export tags from views they have access to. You can read about connecting Mailchimp here.

To add tags to contacts from within WriteUpp:

Head to the view you would like to export tags from. The views you can use to do this are the Activity, Caseload and Client views, as well as the Recall list and any other lists you have created in WriteUpp.

Click the Export dropdown at the bottom of the chosen view.

From the dropdown menu, select Mailchimp:

This will open the ‘Mailchimp Export’ modal. You will see that the selected audience is the default - this cannot be edited in the modal (tags will only be added to contacts who appear in this audience in Mailchimp):

In the textbox, enter all the tags you would like to add to the contacts on the list. You can add multiple tags.

Create tags here in the same way as you do on the Patient Summary. Simply type out the tag and then hit space, enter or tab to create it!

Once you are happy with the tags you have created, click the Add Tags button. This will start the export of the tags to Mailchimp.

Warning: Exports can take quite some time, depending on the number of clients you have on a list. Please also note, that you can only run one export at a time. This is the case for tag and contact bulk exports - you must wait for an export to finish before you can start another.

You can track the progress of your export by heading to the main menu -> Integrations & Add ons -> Mailchimp, and clicking the 'Previous Exports' button. This will open the Mailchimp bulk export log, where you will see an entry for your tag export.

Once the export is complete, head to your Mailchimp account and you will see the tag(s) you created added to all the contacts listed on the exported view.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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