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How to export Contacts to Mailchimp

Once connected to Mailchimp, you can quickly and easily perform a bulk export of all your clients into Mailchimp. This may be particularly useful if you are new to Mailchimp or do not already have all of your clients set up as contacts.

Warning: Only Site Administrators have access to the contact bulk export feature for Mailchimp

To perform a contact export:

In WriteUpp, head to the main menu -> Integrations & Add ons and click the green Configure button in the Mailchimp section.

If you are not already connected to Mailchimp, then do this now following the steps here

Once connected, scroll down to the ‘Contact export’ section.

If you have multiple audiences set up in Mailchimp, then you will see a dropdown listing them all under the 'Default Audience' section. Here, you must select which audience is the default for exports and syncing new clients. If you only have one audience, then this will be selected automatically. To read more about selecting a default audience, click here.

Click the blue Export Contacts button. This will begin the export of all of your clients into Mailchimp. The contacts will be exported to the default audience only:

If the 'Export Contacts' button is grey, instead of blue, it means you do NOT have a default audience selected. Scroll up the screen to the 'Default Audience' section and select a default from the dropdown, then press Save.

You can check the progress of your export by clicking on the Previous Exports button next to the ‘Export Contacts’ one. This will take you to the Mailchimp bulk export log, where you can view details of the export, including the status of it.

Warning: Bulk exports can take quite some time, depending on the number of clients you have. Please also note, that you can only run one export at a time. This is the case for tag and contact bulk exports - you must wait for an export to finish before you can start another.

Once the export is finished, the status of the entry in the Mailchimp bulk export log will change to “Completed”. Head to your Mailchimp account and you will see all of your clients added to the selected audience.

Back in WriteUpp, in the Mailchimp bulk export log, click on the three dots at the end of the row of the export and select View export details. This will open a modal allowing you to see which contacts were added/updated during the export, as well as what errors, if any, occurred. If there are errors, check out our Mailchimp Troubleshooting article to learn more about what could be causing these.

Performing a bulk export will create a subscribed contact in Mailchimp for each client in WriteUpp, as long as the email address does NOT already exist in the audience. If an email address is already present in the audience, then the existing contact will not be updated with details from WriteUpp and the subscription status will not change. This prevents any changes being made to email addresses already present in your Mailchimp audience, if for example they have already unsubscribed from Mailchimp emails.

Updated on: 29/04/2024

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