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New Client Sync and Managing Mailchimp Audiences in WriteUpp

With Mailchimp connected to your WriteUpp site, newly created clients in WriteUpp will automatically sync to your contact list in Mailchimp. This applies to all routes for creating a new client in WriteUpp, including the app and Online Booking.

Furthermore, any updates to the client record in WriteUpp, such as a change of email address, will sync to Mailchimp and automatically update the contact information there!

When new clients are created, as long as the email address doesn’t already exist in the audience, they will be created as subscribed contacts. If the email address already exists in the audience, we will associate the WriteUpp client to that Mailchimp contact. The WriteUpp sync will only add new email addresses to Mailchimp as subscribed. If an email address already exists in Mailchimp and is unsubscribed, the status will not be changed.

To allow WriteUpp to sync with Mailchimp, you must have a default audience selected in WriteUpp. Here’s how:

If you only have one audience set up in Mailchimp, then you do not need to worry about selecting it as the default in WriteUpp. When you connect, that audience will automatically become the default, and all newly created clients will sync to it in Mailchimp. However, if you have multiple audiences, then you must select which audience is the default in WriteUpp for the sync to work.

Warning: Only Site Administrators have access to the Mailchimp integration on the Integrations & Add Ons screen, so only this user type can select a default audience.

To select a default Audience:

Head to the main menu -> Integrations & Add ons and click the green Configure button in the Mailchimp section.

This will open the Mailchimp Integration page. If you are not already connected to mailchimp, then read here on how to connect.

Once connected, you will see a 'Default Audience' section with a dropdown listing all of your mailchimp audiences:

Click on the dropdown and select the audience you would like to make the default.

You can only have one audience selected as the default at any one time. Exports and newly created clients will only be added to the selected audience.

Press the blue Save button below the dropdown to save the change.

If you create a new audience in Mailchimp, which you would like to set as the default in WriteUpp, then please head to the Mailchimp integration page in WriteUpp and click the Refresh icon next to the Audience dropdown. This will update the audience list, so you can select the new audience as the default in WriteUpp. You must use the 'Refresh' icon to update the Audience list for any changes you make to your audiences in Mailchimp:

Warning: If you have multiple audiences but do not select one as the default in WriteUpp, then new clients created in WriteUpp will not automatically sync to Mailchimp. Also, you will not be able to export contacts or add tags without a default audience selected.

Once the Site Administrator has connected WriteUpp to a Mailchimp account and selected a default audience, new clients created by all user types on the site (Site Administrator, Privileged, Regular and Restricted users) will sync to Mailchimp.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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