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Pairing a Square Terminal for in person payments

To take in person card payments using the Square integration, you'll need to pair a Square terminal to your WriteUpp account.

Once this is done, when you initiate a card payment, WriteUpp will send the total payable to the terminal for you, removing the need for manual entry. If you're taking payment for a non-invoiced appointment, we'll even create the invoice for you too! The terminal will then notify WriteUpp once a payment has completed, which will mark the invoice as paid.

The only device that can be paired to WriteUpp to allow you to take card payments is the Square Terminal. If you use a Square reader or any of their other devices, these can't be paired

You can read more about the terminal here, and shop for one directly with Square here.

Before you can pair a terminal to WriteUpp, there are a couple of things you'll need to do, especially if you're setting up a new terminal prior to using it with WriteUpp. You can read more about how to set up a Square terminal here from Square's support centre, but you'll need to make sure you:

Charge your terminal
Connect your terminal to a network

Please make sure both those things are done before continuing! If your terminal isn't powered up and online, we won't be able to connect to it.

Pairing a terminal

To pair a Square terminal to WriteUpp:

Go to the Main Menu -> Integrations & Add Ons -> Square -> Configure

Click on Pair a terminal:

If your only option on this page is Connect my Square account, you'll need to connect to Square first, before you pair your terminal

You'll then need to select the terminal location from the locations you have set up within Square. If you only have one location in your Square account, you'll see this displayed on screen:

If you have multiple locations set up in Square, you'll see a dropdown to allow you to select a location:

Click on Confirm Location to set the terminal location

You'll then see a device code on screen, which needs to be entered into your terminal to pair it to WriteUpp:

If you're signed into the Terminal using your Square account, you will need to sign out from this account first, to allow the connection to your WriteUpp account to be made. To sign out of your terminal, swipe open the terminal menu from the left hand side of the terminal screen and choose Settings -> Sign out

On your Square terminal, tap on Sign In

Choose Use a device code

Enter the device code you see on screen within WriteUpp into the Device Code field on your Terminal and tap Sign in

The terminal will pair with your WriteUpp account and should display a Powered by Square standby screen

Back in WriteUpp, you'll see that the terminal has been paired. You'll also be asked to give your terminal a name, which you'll see within WriteUpp when you send a payment to a terminal. This is particularly useful if you have more than one terminal:

Once you've entered a name, click on Save & Close

You'll see your terminal listed on screen and will now be able to send payment information to it directly from WriteUpp!

Should you need to reset your terminal for any reason, you can use the original device code to pair it to your WriteUpp account again. Just grab the device code from the screen pictured above and follow steps 6 - 11 to log into your terminal using a device code and pair it again

Once the connection has been successful, you'll also receive a notification to let you know:

Pairing multiple terminals

If you have more than one Square terminal that you use, for example if you operate from more than one location, you can pair multiple terminals to your WriteUpp account. You'll then be able to select which terminal you'd like to use to ensure you can take a card payment wherever you are!

To pair another terminal, just click on Pair another terminal on the Square configuration screen and follow steps 3-11 above to complete the process. You'll then see both terminals listed separately along with their device codes:

If you pair multiple terminals to your WriteUpp account, make sure you give the terminals different names at step 10 of the pairing process, to make sure you can easily identify which terminal to use during the payment process

Renaming a terminal

You'll be able to rename the terminal, if you want to give it another name for use within WriteUpp. To do this, click on the three dots to the right of the row to open the menu and choose Rename:

Enter the new terminal name and then save the changes:

Removing a terminal

If you'd like to remove a terminal, open the menu and choose Remove:

You'll be asked to confirm this and once you select Yes, the terminal will be removed from the list within WriteUpp:

It also won't appear as an option during the payment process. You'll then need to sign out of the terminal itself. To do this, swipe open the terminal menu from the left hand side of the terminal screen and choose Settings -> Sign out.

Square is only available to WriteUpp users based in the UK. For those of you who are not UK based, you will be able to set up Stripe, which allows online payments only

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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