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Using the Physitrack integration

Once Physitrack has been enabled on your WriteUpp account, and you've connected to it by entering your API key within Physitrack, you're ready to begin prescribing exercise programs from WriteUpp.

To use the integration:

Make sure the patient you'd like to work with is your active patient within WriteUpp.

Click on the arrow to the right of the patient's name to open the active patient dropdown, and choose Open in Physitrack:

If you don't see an Open in Physitrack option within the active patient dropdown, please check that the steps to enable Physitrack have been completed

The patient's Physitrack profile will open in a new tab in your browser. The first time you open a patient in Physitrack from WriteUpp, a Physitrack profile will be created for you, consisting of their name, year of birth, email address and mobile number.

The integration does not allow for WriteUpp patients to be matched to existing Physitrack patients when you open from WriteUpp for the first time. Once a patient from WriteUpp has been created in Physitrack, they will remain linked going forwards

You'll then be able to follow your normal Physitrack processes to build their exercise program using the available resources

Once you 'Assign' the program in Physitrack, the program will be emailed to your patient as normal, and details will be saved to the files tab of the patient summary as an attachment

Opening the attachment will allow you to see details on the exercises prescribed, preserving data integrity between your platforms!

Educational content and outcome measures won't be saved automatically to WriteUpp, only details on the individual exercises or programs assigned will be. If you wanted to upload outcome measures and results to a client record in WriteUpp, you can export these from Physitrack as a PDF and then upload the resulting file to WriteUpp

Updated on: 09/08/2022

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