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What is support mode?

We have lots of diagnostic tools in WriteUpp to help us provide you with fast, pro-active, helpful support but sometimes there are circumstances where its not possible to help unless we can see exactly what you're seeing.

You're reading this because this is one of those circumstances.

If you give us your consent one of the team will log into your account in support mode and attempt to resolve the issue/question/problem that you have raised.

Quite simply, if we can't access your account and see the details of your specific issue/question/problem then unfortunately we can't help you any further.

What we do depends on the nature of the issue/question/problem that you have raised.

Where possible, we try to avoid accessing specific records and instead we will create a test patient (which we will delete later) if the issue is patient-related. However, there are sometimes circumstances where an issue relates specifically to a single record and in those situations we will access the record and attempt to diagnose the problem.

In situations, where there's an issue with the setup of your account we will login to your account and look at your settings and we may create a test patient to help verify that the setup issue has been resolved.

We're ISO27001:2013 Certified - if you're not familiar with this standard it relates to Data Security and IT Governance. The bulk of the standard relates to business processes and the way we manage our people to ensure that data security, privacy and confidentiality are protected.
We're a small team. You're not in the hands of a faceless individual in a call centre. Our team is tight-knit and fully aware of the responsibilities that they have.
Everyone who joins the business is subject to a Criminal Record Check, Electronic identity check and Adverse financial check. These services are provided to us by Experian.
All employment contracts include specific clauses relating to Confidentiality and Data Protection. We do this so that employees understand very clearly that if there are any data breaches this will be deemed as gross misconduct and their employment will be terminated immediately.
All employees are trained on how to handle Patient Identifiable Information (PII) as we also work with a number of large NHS trusts where have direct access to their systems and servers.
We maintain a record of support mode logins and we closely monitor their usage.
Under GDPR our Privacy Policy provides you and your clients with strong privacy protections

If you don't want us to login to your account we won't but please bear in mind that this is likely to limit our ability to help you with your issue/question/problem.

Updated on: 10/11/2022

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