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Xero Troubleshooting

This article is designed to help you with any errors that you might see as you process an export to Xero.  

Invoice # must be unique

This error tells you that an invoice with the same number already exists in Xero. You are unable to export another invoice with the same number to your Xero account. You will need to either re-number the existing invoice within Xero, or delete the invoice within WriteUpp, change your starting invoice number to something that won't clash with existing Xero invoices and regenerate the invoice.

if you've been using Xero for a while but are just getting up and running with WriteUpp, we'd recommend that you change your starting invoice number to be a number greater than your highest existing Xero invoice.  This will minimise the chances of an invoice with the same number being exported! 

This document cannot be edited as it has a payment or credit note allocated to it

This error message indicates that an invoice with the same number already exists in Xero and is marked as paid.  

When exporting invoices from WriteUpp, if you already have an invoice in Xero with the same number, Xero will attempt to update the existing invoice.  Any draft invoices or approved invoices that don't have an associated payment will be updated with the information from WriteUpp but any approved invoices which are marked as paid within Xero cannot be updated by the export. 

Therefore, if you export an invoice from WriteUpp with the same number as an approved and paid invoice in Xero, the export will fail and you'll see a message like this in the Xero Export Log in WriteUpp.  

The contact with the specified contact details has been archived. The contact must be un-archived before creating new invoices or credit notes

This message is telling you that the Xero contact the patient is mapped to has been archived.  

You'll need to 'un-archive', or restore, the patient in Xero before exporting the invoice again.  You can read all about how to do that here

The contact name must be unique across all active contacts

This error might be seen if you are exporting an invoice for a client who is not already mapped to a Xero contact, and you have the setting switched on which allows WriteUpp to create contacts as part of the export process. It indicates that there is already a contact within your Xero account with the same name as the contact you are trying to export.

If you are exporting an invoice for a contact who already exists within your Xero account, you should map the WriteUpp contact to the Xero contact before exporting the invoice again.

If you are exporting an invoice for a new contact who has the same name as an existing contact, unfortunately Xero do not allow contacts to be created with the same contact name. You will have to manually create a contact in Xero using a slightly different name, and then map the WriteUpp client to this contact, before exporting the invoice again.

The TaxType code 'OUTPUT2' cannot be used with account code '433' (or similar)

The Xero tax rate that the invoice is exporting to, cannot be used with the account that you have selected under Mappings -> Account. You can check the account and tax rate mappings by going to Integrations & Add Ons -> Xero -> Configure.

A validation exception occurred The discount rate '0.00' is invalid.

This message indicates that the invoice contains a line item with a negative value. For example, if a line item with a negative value has been added to the invoice in order to discount it. Xero won't accept negative line items on an invoice, and so the invoice cannot be exported. The invoice would need to be deleted, then the appointment(s) it contained re-invoiced.

Discounts can be applied to a line item when invoicing, rather than as a separate entry on an invoice by following the steps here. You also have the option to create discount codes that can be applied when an invoice is created.

To update fields on a paid invoice line item, you must supply a LineItemID

The invoice that you're trying to export has already been exported, and is marked as paid in Xero. You can't update an invoice which has been paid in Xero through the integration. If you remove the payment in Xero, you should then be able to re-export it from WriteUpp, or changes can be made manually in Xero.

An existing contact could not be found using the specified contact details. The contact name field is required to create a new contact

This usually indicates that while you have a Xero contact mapped to the "Payable by" party on the invoice, it can't be found in the connected Xero account. For example, have you connected to a new Xero account to WriteUpp, or a different organisation on this the connection screen?

If so, you will need to remap client, next of kin and third parties from WriteUpp to contacts within the connected Xero organisation.

While multiple organisations can be set up within a Xero account, only one account/organisation at a time can be connected to WriteUpp. You can't map client, next of kin, third party or invoice information to multiple accounts/organisations at the same time. Therefore if you switch to a new Xero account or organisation, you will need to remap all clients, next of kin and third parties to new contacts within Xero.

Updated on: 29/06/2023

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