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What is the difference between "classic" and "responsive" assessment forms?

Classic and responsive assessment forms are the two types of forms that you will see included in the assessment store within WriteUpp, but both types of form perform very differently.

Classic assessments are the forms that were originally included with WriteUpp when it was launched in 2013, and were discontinued for new use in 2021.

In 2015, we introduced the Form Builder to allow users to create their own custom forms, and we added the most frequently used classic forms as "responsive" forms in the new format.

This was because classic forms:
Couldn't be customised by users
Couldn't be used or viewed on a mobile device using the WriteUpp app
Couldn't be sent to clients from within WriteUpp
Couldn't be used as smart forms
Were automatically, permanently locked to changes after 24 hours

In comparison, Responsive forms:
Can be customised by users
Can be used and viewed in the WriteUpp app
Can be sent to clients via email or direct message directly from within WriteUpp
Can be sent as smart forms to clients
Can be unlocked by Site Administrators to allow further changes

Custom assessment forms that you create yourself will also function in the same way as responsive assessment forms.

From April 2021, classic forms were removed from the assessment store, with the alternative being the pre-existing responsive assessment forms, and the ability to create custom forms using the form builder. Classic forms that were already favourited can be still be used, but they are no longer available in the store.

We'd highly recommend that you either use the responsive assessment forms, or use the form builder to create your own custom forms.

We will be moving towards completely discontinuing classic assessment forms in the near future, in favour of responsive forms. We're working to make sure all current classic assessments are created as responsive forms.

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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