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Why should I create patient-related appointments?

In WriteUpp you can create two types of appointment - Patient and Non Patient related appointments. 

A patient related appointment, for example, would be a consultation whereas a non-patient appointment would be something like a meeting, a holiday or something that is totally unrelated to a client.

For any appointments where you are seeing a patient you should ONLY use a patient related appointment. 

A non-patient related appointment will NOT be associated with a patient record and consequently will not be seen in the appointments tab of the patient summary. However, you can see a summary of all appointments (including Non-Patient related appointments) by going to the Activity view from the main menu (top left).

You can specify whether an appointment type is patient-related or non patient-related by going to Settings -> Scheduling under the Appointment Types tab.

Within the details of each appointment, accessed by choosing Edit as seen above, you can specify whether an appointment is patient or non patient appointment, or both, using the Type dropdown.

You can define an appointment to be both patient and non patient related but when you book you must select which one you would like that particular appointment to be:

Updated on: 06/07/2022

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