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Adding an annotation to a note

When creating notes in WriteUpp, you have the option to add an image to your note that you can add markings and text to (perhaps to illustrate where a client is experiencing symptoms, for example).

To add an annotatable image to a note:

When creating or editing a note, select the Insert annotation option from the toolbar:

Choose an image from those included in the library, or press Select a File to Upload to upload your own image:

Use the available tools to add markings and text to the image:

Read How to annotate images in notes and assessments to learn about all the ways you can annotate an image.

When complete, choose OK to save the image and its markings and add it to your note:

Once OK has been clicked and the image has been saved to your note, it is not currently possible to reopen the annotation and edit the markings. To change an annotation, you would need to delete it and start again. The ability to edit a saved annotation is something we are working towards.

Updated on: 15/11/2023

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