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How to annotate images in notes and assessments

When creating both notes and assessments in WriteUpp, you have the option to add an image which can be annotated. In this article, we'll have a look at how you can use the annotation tools available and what each option looks like.

The toolbar used in both notes and assessments is the same, allowing you to add the same types on markings or text to each one.

You can read more about how to add an annotation to a note here and how to add one to an assessment template here.

When you view an annotation on an assessment form or open one in a note, you'll see a toolbar at the top containing various options that you can use to add markings and text to an image. The size of your image dictates how many options you see along the top, but if you've got a smaller picture, you'll find additional marking options by clicking on the three vertical dots:

You'll also notice a toolbar at the foot of your image for most options, giving you choices for things like colour and line thickness:

The options available are...

Rectangular outline:

Freehand line:


Tip - Options in the bottom toolbar for arrows include the ability to change at what end the arrowhead appears, or a double arrowhead:


Straight line:

Filled circle:

Text bubble:

Filled rectangle:

Curved line:

Tip - to curve the line, pull the middle marker away from the centre:


Line measure/ruler:

Circle outline:

Any combination of these can be added to any image uploaded as an annotation in either a note or an assessment. If you are using annotations in smart forms, these are also the options your clients will see.

Clicking on a marking or text block will allow you to move it, or select the dustbin icon to delete it:

You'll also see an undo option:

When using assessment forms, the signature field also uses this toolbar control, but the only option available here is the freehand option which allows clients to "sign" their name:

Please note that to be able to use the annotation tool, you will need to be using an up to date operating system and browser. Very old browsers unfortunately may not support this tool. You can find out more about operating system and browser requirements for WriteUpp here.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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