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Adding consent and smart form links to emails sent from WriteUpp

Both consent and smart forms can be added to emails you manually send from WriteUpp, whether that's from Create -> Email when a new client registers with you, or when sending an invoice at the end of their treatment.

They can be included within emails sent to a client, a next of kin or a 3rd party. You won't be able to add form links to emails sent to a freeform email address entered into the "Or enter email address" field.

To add a form link to an email sent from WriteUpp:

Navigate to the email page you'd like to send from, in this example, we'll use Create -> Email

Complete the To field with who you'd like to send the email to, add a subject and enter the body of your email

To add a form, click on the Forms icon within the email toolbar:

Use the search bar or browse the tabs to find the form you'd like to include:

Choose a form by ticking on the box to the right of the row, and then clicking on Insert Form:

The form will be added to the body of your email as a link:

Please do not edit the URL associated with the link, as this is what takes the client to the form when they click on it. Editing the URL will break the link and it will not work

Repeat steps 3 - 5 to add any additional forms to your email, for example you might want to include a consent form to cover your Ts & Cs and a smart form containing smart fields to capture additional details from your client:

Finish composing your message and then click on Send Email.

You can also add form links to any email template, making it really easy to set up a shortcut for any forms you might send regularly! Just look for the forms icon and follow steps 3 -5 above to add to the body of the email template.

Smart forms sent as a linked form in this way will still be sent via the direct message pathway, so you'll see an entry made alongside the sent client email to reflect this on the Messages tab of the client summary:

They therefore still require an access code sent by SMS to open and complete the form.

Note: You can't click on the link within an email when composing it, and open the form to view it. The form link won't work if just clicked within WriteUpp in the body of a message, it'll need to be sent out in order to access it. If you are creating templates and you want to test that the right form has been added, you can create yourself as a test client and book an appointment to get the message sent out

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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