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Sending emails from WriteUpp

When it comes to sending emails from WriteUpp, whether it’s an automated appointment reminder, an invoice sent by email or a simple ‘how are you?’ to a client, you have a couple of options available to you.

The easiest way to manage your outbound emails is to let us handle it for you using the default WriteUpp settings, which is covered in more detail below. Alternatively, if you have an email account hosted by Google, you can choose to authenticate your Gmail account for use with WriteUpp. Read on to find out more!

Default WriteUpp settings

How it works

When sending emails from WriteUpp, by default we’ll use your organisation name and our email address ( to deliver messages to your clients. Any email replies from your clients will be returned to the email address you have entered within the email field of Settings -> Organisation. This is a site wide setting, so all emails from all users will be sent using your organisation name and all replies to these emails will be returned to the email address entered within Settings.

By using WriteUpp’s email server to deliver your messages:
There’s no setup required
The status of a sent email will be displayed on the client summary, allowing you to check that emails have been delivered and opened
We’ll notify you if an email has been rejected by our servers, allowing you to investigate why

If you receive a notification that an automated email has failed (or you see a message on screen when manually sending an email) and you need any help with why, please grab one of the team on chat and we can help! We'll need to know what email address you were sending to and we can track it down

Sending emails via Gmail Authentication

If you have a Gmail account, or a custom domain hosted by Google, you also have the option to authenticate your Gmail account for use with WriteUpp. By doing this, emails sent from WriteUpp will be sent via your own email servers using your email address and the name associated with it. Replies will also be returned to your email address. This is a site wide setting, so all emails from all users will be sent using the email address you authenticate, with all replies returned to the same address.

By using your Gmail account:
Delivery of all emails sent from WriteUpp will be your responsibility
We will be unable to provide support relating to email failures, as they will be sent by your servers and not ours
Delivery information will not be displayed on the client summary
If your credentials change at any point, you'll need to re-authenticate your account with the new details

To authenticate Gmail for WriteUpp, or to find out more information about this pathway, take a look at the Managing Gmail authentication with WriteUpp article.

Reverting back to the WriteUpp email servers

If you have been using Gmail to deliver your emails but you would like to revert to the WriteUpp email servers, you can do so at any time.

Open the main menu within WriteUpp and choose Settings -> More -> Email (Or Integrations & Add Ons -> Gmail -> Configure). At the bottom of the page, click on Revert to WriteUpp Email Server, and your emails will be sent by WriteUpp for you.

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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