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How do I add the consent link to my consent email template?

When emailing a consent form from WriteUpp, you'll need to include the link to the consent form in your email. The easiest way to do this is to set up consent email templates for each of your consent forms, each one containing the variable Consent link.

To add a "consent link" to your email template:

Ensuring you've got an active patient, click Create -> Consent

Click Consent via email

Click Manage Email Templates For Consent

Click either + Add Template to add a new template, or Edit next to an existing template

Click the VAR button and select Consent link (it's right at the bottom of the drop-down)

Click Save Template

When adding consent links to emails, you must use the variable to insert it. You cannot copy and paste the 'Review Consent Form' link from one email to the other. When using the variable, WriteUpp will identify which form you are sending to patients and take them to the one selected. Copying and pasting the link breaks this process and therefore the link. Your patients will not be able to use it to grant consent. On clicking on it, they will be taken to what looks like the WriteUpp login screen. If patients report this, please check your email templates for consent, delete the existing consent link and re-add it using the variables dropdown

Updated on: 07/10/2022

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