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An email failed to send, what do I do?

Occasionally, you might encounter a problem when sending any of the below from WriteUpp:

A 'triggered email', by which we mean emails relating to appointment communications
An email manually generated, like sending an invoice to a patient
A direct message or smart form

Quite often these issues are related to the email address that you are trying to contact and the message has been rejected by WriteUpp's email server.  This generally happens if you've already attempted to send a message to the email address already and it has failed for any reason, resulting in the email address being marked with a 'hard bounce' or as 'inactive' on our email server. 

If this is the case and an email is rejected, you'll see a message on screen to advise you of this when sending a manual email or direct message/smart form to a patient, and receive a notification to let you know if an appointment communication has failed.  

A notification will look like this:

When trying to send an email you'll see this:

And with a direct message or smart form, this:

Firstly, please check with the contact that the email address is correct. If it is correct, please contact the team via live chat with details of the email address in question and we'll be able to check out the reasons given and provide you with further information.  We can reactivate a bounced email address on our email servers, but if there is an underlying cause, it might happen again.

There are many reasons why an email address might be marked with a hard bounce (which indicates a message could not be delivered), but in the example above, our server has rejected the message as the email address is incorrect, "" is not a valid email domain. 

If it has not been sent due to a spam complaint, we can request that this is removed if the patient confirms that this was done in error. 

If an email fails to send because of one of the above reasons, the email address on the client summary will automatically be opted out of appointment communications. This is because our email server has identified that the email address cannot receive emails for whatever reason. Once the issue has been identified, you'll also need to re-opt the email address in to continue to send automated messages.

If you use the Gmail integration or an SMTP connection to send emails from WriteUpp, the delivery of these emails is via your own server and not ours so you won't see these notifications if an email fails to send. We also won't be able to provide help and diagnostics on the reason as we don't receive these from your email server.

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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