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Can I check the status of an email sent to a patient?

If we have received information on the delivery status of an email sent to a patient, you'll be able to see this on the Messages tab of the Patient Summary:

It's important to note that status information is not guaranteed to be present or updated for all messages, and there are certain situations where we won't be able to display that information:

If the destination email server doesn't return a response after the email delivery is attempted
If the patients device, email client or internet provider blocks the exchange of messages with our email server (by using a firewall for example)
If the patients device or email client prevents the email from opening properly. For example, if the email lands in the patients junk mail folder and the email client blocks some of the content from loading because of this, the email open will not be tracked.

Unfortunately, we have no control over these situations, as the email tracking relies on information being returned via the patients email server.

If you use Gmail or SMTP to send your emails, the only status you will see here is Sent.  As you are using your own servers via Gmail or SMTP to deliver email, we are unable to track delivery information or see when an email has been opened.
Only patient messages sent after 23/07/19 will benefit from the status information.  Any messages sent before this date will show with the status 'sent', as this is when we began tracking the status in more detail.

The statuses you will see are:

Sent - This indicates that the message has been accepted by our email server (or yours if you are sending via Gmail or SMTP)
Delivered - The destination email server has confirmed that the message has been delivered
Not delivered - The destination email server has confirmed that the message has not been delivered
Opened - The destination email server has confirmed that the message has been opened

Updated on: 21/08/2023

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