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Can I colour code appointments by type?

No, this is not a specific feature of WriteUpp. Instead, we use colour coding of appointments in the diary to signify the status of an appointment, such as:

DNA - Did Not Attend

Learn more about appointment statuses below:

How do I add an Appointment Status?
How do I change the colour of an appointment status?

However, if you would like a specific appointment type to appear as a different colour in your diary, then you can use a status to achieve this.

Say, for example, you want all Video Consultation appointments to be blue in your diary:

Make sure you have an appointment type for Video Consultations set up under Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Types.

Then, head to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Statuses and click 'Create New Apointment Status'.

In the Name field, call it 'Video Consultation', for example

Pick a colour for the status, i.e. blue

Set the preferences below, using the tick boxes

Press Save

Head to the diary and book the Video Consultation appointment

In the modal for the appointment, set the status to 'Video Consultation', then click Save

Your Video Consultation appointment will now be blue in the diary and should easily stand out

You have complete control over the Appointment Statuses feature, so you can create, delete and edit them as you wish!

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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