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How do I add an Appointment Status?

To add a new Appointment Status:

Go to Settings -> Scheduling and click on the Appointment Statuses tab:

Click the Create New Appointment Status button:

Give the Appointment Status a name

Select a colour from the dropdown - this is the colour an appointment will appear as in the diary when this status is selected for it

Use the tickboxes to determine:

if this is the Default status (the default status given when Appointments are booked) - there can only be one default status
if it means the patient is attending (If you charge for DNAs, then set this to Yes even if the patient is not attending, so you can still invoice for the appointment - How do I charge for DNAs or Cancellations?)
if it means the patient has arrived for an appointment (You can also choose to receive a notification linked to this - Can I be notified when a patient has arrived for an appointment?)

Click Save 

Top tip - If you are setting up an appointment status to use alongside any appointment in the diary which means you are busy and unavailable for any other bookings (either client or non-client appointments), please set "Does it mean the patient is attending" to Yes. This tells WriteUpp that you are not available and to not offer the space in an appointment search either within WriteUpp or online booking.

Updated on: 28/06/2023

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