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Can I send a Smart Form to a Third Party or Next of Kin?

Yes, you can also send a Smart Form to a Third Party, or a Next of Kin, as long as:

They are linked to the patient record within WriteUpp
You have an email address for the intended recipient

NOTE: If you use SMS access codes for Smart Forms, then you will also need a mobile number saved for the recipient.

If you have SMS access codes selected in Settings, but do not have a mobile number saved for the Third Party or Next of Kin, then you can still send them a Smart Form by overriding this setting. To do this, go to Create -> Assessment and select the form that you would like to send using the arrow at the end of the row, below the 'Send as Smart Form' heading. When the 'Send assessment' modal opens, change the 'Is an access code required?' dropdown to either Email or None, add your message and then click send:

You can read more about the access code settings here.

Add Next of Kin details directly to the Client tab of the Client Summary to be able to select them as a recipient for Smart Forms. Click on Edit Details on the Client tab to view and change the information.

To link a Third Party to a patient, you must first create them as a Third Party in Settings -> 3rd Parties.  You can read more about adding a Third Party to WriteUpp here.

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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