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Can I send different communications out for different appointments?

When sending automatic confirmations and reminders to your patients, you might want to send different information out depending on which appointment a patient is attending for.

This can be handled for you within WriteUpp by creating custom communication templates containing the information you'd like to send, then linking your confirmations and reminders to specific appointment types.

The following Trigger events can be linked to a specific appointment type:
Booking - Single
Booking - Recurring
Booking - Online
Video booking - Single
Video booking - Recurring
Video booking - Online booking
Video reminder

When setting up a communication for any of these events, you'll see an optional "If Type is" dropdown box which will contain all of the appointment types you have set up:

Once you've selected a delivery method, a template and an event, adding a linked appointment type will tell WriteUpp that the message you've defined should only be sent for that appointment type. This, combined with the ability to set up multiple custom templates to use, allows you to send different instructions or information for different appointment types.

This dropdown doesn't need to be populated, if you send the same information to patients, regardless of which appointment they attend for. If you leave it blank, your message will be sent for all appointments relating to the event selected.

To give you an example of how you might use it, let's follow the steps to set up a separate appointment confirmation which will only be sent for the appointment type "Initial Appointment":

Open the Main Menu, then choose Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication

If you'd like to create any new templates for use with an Initial Appointment, you can click on either Email Templates or SMS Templates from here and set them up. I've already created an email template called "Appointment Confirmation - Initial Appt Only", which we'll use

When you're ready to create the communication, click 'New Trigger' at the foot of the page

Complete the fields displayed, choosing a delivery method, a message template, the event which 'triggers' the message, and the appointment type, then Save. You can see the appointment type used here is "Initial Appointment (<60 mins)":

Only one appointment type can be linked to each communication trigger. If you have multiple assessment appointments that you'd like specific information to be sent for, you will have to create an entry for each one of these, choosing a different appointment type each time. You can however use the same message template as many times as you like, just follow steps 3 and 4 for each of your appointment types.

Once saved, you'll see the communication listed, with a note of which appointment type it is linked to:

Using the above example, patients booked for the appointment "Initial Appointment (<60 mins)" will receive an email confirmation of the appointment using the template "Appointment Confirmation - Initial Appt Only".

Patients booked for any other appointment type will receive an email confirmation using the template "Appointment Confirmation - General".

Patients booked for the appointment "Initial Appointment" will not receive the email message "Appointment Confirmation - General" as WriteUpp has recognised that a specific message ("Appointment Confirmation - Initial Appt Only") should be sent via email for that appointment. It will disregard the other confirmation, ensuring patients do not receive multiple confirmations for their appointment.

Updated on: 07/07/2022

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