WriteUpp subscribers have the option within Settings to customise the "sender text" that is displayed when any SMS messages sent from WriteUpp are received to a mobile phone. By default, this is normally a generic UK mobile number, but might also be displayed as WriteUpp, depending on which of our SMS gateway providers we are using at the time.

We are able to switch between 3 providers to ensure your messages are still delivered in the event of any one of these providers having issues

It can be customised to display any alphanumeric text you like, including your practice name or something generic like "Physio", but it does need to be between 3 and 11 characters long.  It also cannot be purely numbers, like your own mobile number, for example.

It is a site wide setting, and can be changed by a site administrator.

If you'd like to customise the "sender text", open the main menu and go to Settings -> Organisation.  Under the field containing your organisation name, you'll see an option for Short Name:

This field can be populated with either a name of between 3 and 11 characters, but can't contain any spaces:

Which your SMS messages will then appear to be from:

Changing this setting doesn't allow you to receive SMS replies.  Your patients cannot reply to SMS messages sent from WriteUpp, so we would advise that you include something like to "Do not reply" in your message templates. 

Messages delivered to + 1 area codes can't be sent using a shortname, due to stricter guidelines when receiving messages in this area code. Any messages you send to + 1 numbers will be sent using our default local + 1 number to enhance deliverability
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