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Do I have the option to resend a message to a patient?

Yes, following the release of web v2.13.7, you have the option to quickly and easily resend an email or SMS to a patient in most circumstances.  

You can resend a message by accessing the original message from within the Messages tab of the Patient Summary.

Click on the date the message was sent to open it and if it is possible to simply resend the message as it is, you'll see a Resend button at the bottom of the screen:

You'll then be asked to confirm that you'd like to resend the message.

After clicking OK you'll be taken back to the messages tab of the patient summary where you'll see an additional entry for the resent message.

NOTE: The following messages cannot be resent using this functionality:

Direct Messages or Smart Forms
SMS messages sent before 23/07/19 (as this is when the functionality was released)
Emailed invoices, assessments and notes (Documents and attachments can be resent)

If you'd like to resend any of these messages, you will have to follow the normal process to generate and send the email or SMS as normal.  

If you need to make any changes to a message before resending it, you'll also have to follow the normal process again.  It won't be possible to make any changes to the content using the resend functionality, the message will be sent again again exactly as it originally generated.

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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