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What are 'Smart Fields'?

Smart Fields are a predefined set of fields available within the Form Builder, which once completed, can populate the matching field of the Client Summary. The type of Smart Fields available are:

First Name
Date of birth (in the format dd/mm/yyyy)
Home address
Home City
Home Postcode
Other Address
Other City
Other Postcode
Hospital number
National Health number
Home phone
Work phone
Mobile phone
Next of Kin Name
Next of Kin Relationship
Next of Kin phone number
Next of Kin mobile number
Next of Kin email
Next of Kin address
Next of Kin city
Next of Kin Postcode
Other information

Some key things to note with Smart Fields:

You can also add any Custom Fields that you have set up on the Client Summary as Smart Fields.

When building a form template within WriteUpp, you can use any combination of these fields to help you capture client demographics.

You may notice that after you add a Smart Field to a form, it disappears from the dropdown list when adding more fields, which is intentional. This ensures that since these fields are linked to the relevant field of the Client Summary, there can be no conflicts when it comes to importing them.

When building a form template, if you do not see the 'Smart' option under field types, it means you have already used all the available fields.

When entering the Date of birth field, the format dd/mm/yyyy must be used. Most browsers will support a date picker in this field, which will appear when the field is clicked or tapped on.

Top tip: Helper text could be added above any date or date of birth fields to advise your clients of the format:

Click here for full steps on how to add Smart Fields to a Smart Form. You can also read about importing information from Smart Fields to the Client Summary here.

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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