A Smart Form provides clinicians with the ability to send forms to clients to self complete before, during or after treatment.  

These forms are created within WriteUpp using the Form Builder, a tool that allows you to create your own custom forms using a variety of different fields.  You can also use the free pre-built responsive assessment forms within the Assessment Store.

You can then send these forms to a client via the direct message pathway, which uses both an email and an SMS, for them to complete online.  Once the form is saved, you'll be able to view the completed form within the Assessments tab of the Client Summary.

Some possible uses for Smart Forms are:

Pre-treatment questionnaires
Post-treatment questionnaires
Feedback Forms

The benefits to you include:
Time-saving for clinician - no need to go through forms with clients during session
Convenient for the client - no need to have the hassle of completing forms (and not having the information to hand) when they go for treatment
Completed forms automatically added to the client record
Everything saved in one place within the client record

Smart forms can either be sent as a standalone smart form, or as a "linked form" embedded within an email sent from anywhere in WriteUpp.
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